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Monday - 15th August 2016

Human capital are our biggest asset. Every year as part of our TSC corporate employee recognition, we will reward and bring our employees to a 2 Days 1 Night Company Annual Trip. This is the time whereby all the employees are looking forward to every year. In the Annual Trip, we will be able to have our Employees Bonding Time, whereby both Management and Employees are able to interact and have fun and enjoy the hotel facilities together.

This year, we had our TSC Annual Trip on 13th & 14th August 2016, where we went to Legoland Johor and put up a night at KSL Resort Hotel. We departed in the early morning and reached our destination before lunch. A total of 192 employees attended from both the Shah Alam, Seremban factories as well as from our Branches in Ipoh, Penang & Johore. Total all in – 6 buses and 1 Van. On the return journey, we drop by at the Johore Premium Outlet and had an hour of shopping spree. All the participants enjoyed the Trip so much so that we are now working hard and looking forward to the next year’s trip.