Product - Pressroom Chemical

Pressroom Chemicals and Coating

Through years of experience in offset printing industry, TSC has carved out an expert niche as specialist in the manufacturing of pressroom chemicals for the graphic arts industry.

Based on Japan’s in-depth understanding and advanced technology of printing inks, TSC has therefore benefited from this synergistic combination, and thus capable of producing highly efficient and environmental friendly products at competitive rates.

Our commitment to ensure customer satisfaction through product excellence, strict adherence to delivery schedules and comprehensive technical support always is your assurance that TSC is the effective solution to your pressroom chemical needs wherever you may be.

TSC manufactures an extensive range of quality products through in-depth R&D and concerted efforts from the team. We dedicated ourselves not only to come up with products of reliable quality, but also committed to deliver trustworthy and value-added services to all business partners.



An Innovative Water Based Coating Technology by Toyochem Specialty Chemical Sdn Bhd to offer

solution to different functional needs in paper & board packaging and contributing to the Sustainable Development and Economy.

MEGACOAT water based coatings are manufactured under tight supervision and stringent QC control. It is based on carefully selected and tested raw materials where there is no compromise when comes to quality matters.

The coatings application varies according to the intended purpose, providing desired finishing and various functionalities such as rub & block resistance, barrier, heat sealing etc.

TSC has developed a wide range of modern blanket and roller wash formulation that combine the traditional virtues of ease of use and cost effectiveness with today’s health and safety requirements as well as environmental acceptability.
It is designed to meet various machine requirements from manual to automatic washing cycle system.
The solvent composition can be ranging from fossil to non-fossil based with various flash point and solvency power to cater for different application.



  • Aromatic Free 
  • > 60°C Flash Point
  • Corrosion Inhibited
  • Water Miscible



  • Contains Aromatic Solvent
  • 40°C Flash Point
  • Strong Cleaning Power
  • Water Miscible

The advancing complexity of the mechanisms and configurations of offset presses as well as the variable quality of water supply provides a severe test for the efficacy of fountain solution in the printing industry.


The increasingly speed of modern offset presses have brought about correspondingly higher demands on dampening additives especially for alcohol free printing.


TSC’s Fountain Solution have been developed to ensure top printing performance with added benefits like anti-corrosion, antifoaming and anti-microbial growth etc.



  • Alcohol Replacement Fount 
  • Absolute Calcium Resistance Technology



  • Alcohol Reducing Fount
  • Calcium Reduction Technology



  • Alcohol Fount
  • Strong desensitizing power

Obtaining optimum  performance from today’s lithoplates require top quality plate care products formulated by specialists who understand the technology involved.

TSC manufactures an extensive range of plate care chemicals under MEGACLEAN series for conventional and UV printing to ensure that the plate always stay open and without oxidation.