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Monday - 1st January 2024

artience Introduction

On January 1, 2024, Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., our Japan-based parent company, will change its company name to artience Co., Ltd.

Since the Toyo Ink Group’s founding in 1896, we have been providing products that meet the social needs of each era based on our core technologies in the areas of pigments, resins, and dispersions.

In line with this name change, the Group will create value that resonates with people’s senses by refining the “value” that it offers in the form of emotions evoked by those feelings generated from surprise, excitement and comfort (“art” value). The Group will also enhance user trust in our solutions by delivering functionality and high quality that are backed by its proven technology (“science” value).

This development does not affect the commercial name of its overseas subsidiary, Toyochem Specialty Chemical Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. However, product labels, logos and content on our website, social media channels and other public communications will be updated to reflect the new branding guidelines of our parent company.